School Transformation

How do educators create a unique, customized whole school transformation that develops deeper learning for all students?

  • Assessment of school’s needs.
  • Strategic planning to develop short and long-term improvement.
  • Professional learning experiences to enhance teacher implementation in Deeper Learning, Project Based Inquiry, STEAM based curriculum, cultural responsiveness, Personalized Learning, and so much more.
  • On-site coaching in teachers’ classrooms to assist with implementation.
  • On-line mentoring and chatroom; peer collaboration.
  • Project leadership seminars, project assessment coordination, and monthly progress review with district project leadership teams.
  • Ongoing implementation consulting to ensure you successfully meet the objectives of deeper learning.
  • On-site coaching in teachers’ classrooms to assist with implementation.


MindQuest21 School Transformation Benefits All Stakeholders

Students will:

  • Learn in the SAFE learning climate reinforced by socio-emotional practices.
  • Produce deeper learning outcomes in STEAM disciplines.
  • Develop characteristics of effective 21st Century learners.
  • Think critically and solve complex problems.
  • Use collaborative relationships to increase productivity.
  • Make relevant products which demonstrate creativity and deeper understanding.
  • Communicate effectively in Print and digital media.
  • Increase engagement in academic work with multi-dimensional self-assessments.
  • Produce a project portfolio that show 21st Century learning proficiencies.
  • Improve attendance and behavior, career interest, and post-secondary acceptance.


Teachers will:

  • Realign instruction to address standards-aligned deeper learning outcomes highlighting STEAM disciplines.
  • Maintain a safe climate throughout the school and in the classroom.
  • Integrate evidence-based instruction across engaging, multiple-standard projects
  • Expand students’ voice and highlight them making meaningful relationships.
  • Learn to integrate appropriate digital media into projects.
  • Assess student performance through Personalized Learning plans.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues to assess deeper-learning outcomes.


Administrators will:

  • Introduce a multi-year, cost effective transformation initiative that aligns a deeper learning vision and mission.
  • Customize a strategic plan for deeper learning transformation to the community’s needs.
  • Collaborate in the development of professional development programs that include all teachers and staff.
  • Enhance students’ learning experiences, develop a collaborative culture, and deepen the quality of instruction.
  • Expand collaboration across the school in SAFE learning culture.
  • Increase support of all stakeholders.
  • Gain state and national recognition as a MindQuest21 School.


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