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Title: Cooler City

Posted: November 14, 2014
Author-Facilitator: Charlene Doland
Location: Meliora21, Naperville, Illinois.
Background. In this semester-long interdisciplinary project, 10th-12th grade students design, develop, and assess a standards-aligned investigation into an authentic local community problem. Using the framework of the Illinois “Cool Cities” initiative (http://illinoiscoolcities.org/cities/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/agreement_combined.pdf), students conduct an integrated investigation which incorporates the following topics: energy resources and consumption, data analysis and forecasting, community, and economics Using authentic research methods, students analyze Naperville’s (Illinois) current “coolness,” create proposals for the City Council, apply for grants, and produce a public awareness campaign.

* Meliora21 is an independent, secondary-level, learning community located in Naperville, Illinois. Project-Based Learning (PBL) is the educational methodology used to promote deeper learning competencies inMeliora21’s students. Meliora21 encourages students to pursue their passions through active investigation of real-world problems as a means to develop the students’ capacity to lead lives of purpose as competent, discerning, compassionate individuals. The innovative program offered by Meliora21 expands each student’s competency based on their strengths, while simultaneously cultivating their abilities in weaker areas.
Website: http://meliora21c.org/
Facebook: Meliora: An Inquiry Based Approach to Learning

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Title: Tell Us A Story

Makers and Teachers: Mike Reilly, Naomi Kirchner and Margaret Rohrbaugh
Location: CDAT, Lanier High School, Lanier, Ga.
Background. This STEM PBl integrates integrates technology into reading and writing. Because our students know how to do projects, we foster their self-direction and creativity by providing the minimum of instructions. We post the project on a program site so that they can have the directions at hand.

A p21blogazine Project of the Month. October, 2014.

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