A PBL Pathway to 21st Century Deeper Learning Schools

Early Grades

Early Grades (Pre-K – 1) PBLs

Title: Up, Up and Away. Maker and Teacher: Anonymous
Location: Child Study Center, Naperville, Illinois
Background: This PBL was designed and used with 160 5-7 year olds in our school district’s child study center with low-income children of color. There were 25-30 students per half day class with a teacher and an aide. We spent three months on this project.

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Early Grades (Pre-K – 3) PBLs

Title: Study of Balls
Maker and Teacher: Joanna Kulinga
Locations: PreK: Reilly Elementary School, Chicago
Background: Students wanted to learn all about balls. They had brainstormed different ideas to study.

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Citation: Joanne Kulinga, (2013) Study of Balls. Reilly School, Pre-K., Chicago Public Schools. A MindQuest21 PBL

Intermediate Grades (4-5) PBLs

Title: Our State’s Companies: What Would We Do Without Them?
Maker and Teacher: Julie Nichols
Location: 4th Grade, Lincoln School, Glen Ellyn, District 41, Illinois.
Background: This social studies/language arts unit is designed for students to trace the history of an our state’s companies. Includes major products, explains why this company is successful and predicts what would life be like without this company. It fits the 21st
Century theme of financial literacy.
Citation: Julie Nichols, (2012) Our State’s Companies, Franklin Elementary School, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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