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The Start: Our team leader consults with district leaders to assess your interest and readiness for a MindQuest21sm approach. We will help you take the initial steps that will be of most value to you and align with your goals. This may require development of awareness programs and/or a developmental study group and think tank to ready your district for the more significant challenges of a deeper learning transformation.

The Readiness Assessment: This conversation will investigate the district’s readiness for the change and lead to the collaborative planning of the theory of action including the scheduling of events.

The Institute. Whether at a regional Institute or at a district site, every MindQuest21sm program begins with a three day inquiry into PBL. Principals and district leaders are asked to participate. All teachers who participate end this Institute with a PBL unit plan to introduce into their classrooms.

The Follow Up. This customized plan brings consultants into the district to work with teachers and administrators for the successful implementation and the beginning of the transformation effort.

Final Readiness Assessment. Formative and annual summative assessments guide the on-going change effort.  Still not right. Readiness gets removed from between final and assessment at the bottom and placed above.


The Rational For MindQuest21’ssm Change Model

Evidence explains the necessity of supportive and developmental follow-up as an integral step for guaranteeing high transfer of teachers’ new practice into their classrooms. A systematic change program requires such support from start to finish. Deeper Learning outcomes necessitate multi-level support. ILC21 is unique in the services it provide  to a district or school committed to full implementation of a Deeper Learning Theory of Action. Our experienced consultant team collaborates with your leadership team to guide the process forward and help transform how teaching and learning occurs for all children. Follow Up Ingredients may include

  • Deeper Learning Readiness Study Sessions
    • Deeper Learning Think Tank
    • PLC Article Study and Discussion
    • Volunteers from School and Community
    • Consultant facilitation option
    • Self-directed learning options.
    • Badges and Graduate Workshop protocols
  • Deeper Learning Theory of Action for School or District Change
    • On site and/or Hangout consultations and conferences with District and site leaders.
    • On Site PBL Institutes aligned to District mission, vision, and goals
    • Plan for PBL Mentorship Options
    • Selected or Total Classrooms
    • Leadership and Specialist Component
    • Board and Community Components
    • Evaluation

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Roosevelt University, Schaumberg
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32nd International Self-Directed Learning Symposium

February 7-10, 2018
Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA
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