A PBL Pathway to 21st Century Deeper Learning Schools

Unique Process and Results

How is MindQuest21sm Unique?

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MindQuest21sm is special in multiple ways.

  • A comprehensive work plan designed to avoid the pitfalls that commonly sink school innovations and custom planned with your leadership team.
  • Targets Deeper Learning Outcomes. Our school based experience shows that we have the know-how to transform one or more schools in a district.
  • Built on evidence-based best practices for professional development in school change efforts and classroom instruction framed in Project-Based Learning and other deeper learning instructional strategies.
  • Combines bottom-up and top-down drives. Our experienced change consultants collaborate with you to design–do-and assess your deeper learning.
  • Preparation of district leaders to guide the change effort are integrated in the theory of action.
  • It is budget mindful. As school budget experienced administrators we are concerned that you top value an “get your money’s worth” with an intervention woven intoyourschool culture.
  • A promise to sustain and scale. We don’t want teachers to say “this too will pass.” We don’t abandon your ship and fly out of town on the next plane, but stay to support, sustain and scale your deeper learning effort so that you see new practice in practice.
  • Not a quick fix. MindQuest21sm is a multi-year change effort that engages all professionals in a school. MindQuest21sm requires at least a one-year commitment for participants to work collaboratively. The work starts with a three-day institute in which each team builds on prior experience with PBL and produces one ready–to-use Mind Quest21sm  PBL.
  • A tailored model of learning until the proof is in the pudding. Recognizing that the research says “it’s the teachers who count most in school transformation,” we put the research into practice with a customized change model that always includes.
  • A Guarantee

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ILASCD Lead and Learn 2017

October 25 and 26, 2017
Roosevelt University, Schaumberg
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32nd International Self-Directed Learning Symposium

February 7-10, 2018
Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA
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