A PBL Pathway to 21st Century Deeper Learning Schools

Overview and Outcomes

What is  MindQuest21sm ?
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MindQuest21sm is three connected parts:

  • A school-wide approach to transforming pre-K-12 schools into Deeper Learning communities
  • A one-three year professional learning program for all faculty and administrators at a school site
  • An award-winning, evidence-based Project-Based-Learning-based model of instruction aligned to standards with deeper learning outcomes

How does MindQuest21sm school-wide change approach work?

image001MindQuest21sm certified and experienced consultant team prepares school leaders, districts and teacher teams to transform instruction and systems with the adoption and/or expansion of Project- Based Learning across the curriculum aimed to produce deeper learning outcomes for all students. It leads to substantive changes in leadership, curriculum, instruction, assessment and support systems.

What are the MindQuest21sm changes?

* Helps teachers assemble the disparate 21st Century puzzle pieces (Common Core Standards, 21st Century Skills, Technology,
* Prepares teachers to replace or enrich traditional instruction with Project-Based-Learning as their primary instructional model.
* Expands educator’s collaboration skills by providing protocols to focus on constructive collegial critiques of project designs
* Readies school cadres with the practical know-how to assist their school make a comprehensive change that leads to deeper learning outcomes for all.
* Readies school and district leaders to guide and support the paradigm shift.

What are MindQuest21’ssm Takeaways For Schools?

When teachers solve the 21st Century puzzle, they begin the change process that leads to deeper learning outcomes. In a MindQuest21sm school, the entire staff collaborates to adopt the MindQuest21sm PBL model as the primary instructional tool. The staff, working as a unit, builds the assessments that drive instruction to deeper ends for all students and a new learning climate emerges.

When teachers celebrate their year-long MindQuest21sm PBL preparations, they will know how to put the pieces together. They will have implemented at least four enriched project-based learning experiences in their classrooms, assessed the results and observed dramatic motivational and deeper learning changes in their students. In collaboration with site and district leaders, they will be ready to lead the development of a whole school reform built around institutionalization of the new practices as a deeper learning school.

When administrators collaborate with teachers, a new district and school theory of action emerges and guides the change process. Evidenced changes will appear in how state and federal mandates are aligned with the new district actions.


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